BLOG: How The UK Has Reacted To The Successful United 2026 World Cup Bid


How the UK has reacted to the successful United World Cup bid

by Henry Hewitt

It's been a busy week for football in the UK, with the World Cup kicking off on the same day as the Premier League fixtures gets announced… we could be forgiven for missing the news that the United bid was successful in its quest to host the World Cup in 2026.

I'm in Spain on holiday this week, a country that have made headlines around the globe by sacking their Head Coach the day before the World Cup, but despite being quite low down on trending topics… and the appeal of cooling off in the pool outside our apartment, I still managed to watch the stream as the announcement was made!

I'm delighted for the United bid, it will be a great chance for these countries to show off what football, sorry soccer, means to them. And, whilst watching the promotional video before the announcement, it felt as recognisable to me as if England was to bid to host the tournament.


But, whilst we're really happy on the MLS UK show… how do our fellow Brits feel about the announcement?!

As many of you will know, our aim on the MLS UK show is to promote one of the most exciting leagues in the country that gave the sport to the world... but whilst we have encouraged more Brits to choose a team and follow MLS, there is still a sense that the majority of football fans in the UK look across the pond with a patronising look.

"They had better not change it to the 'Soccer World Cup"

"They can't even get the name of the sport right"

Yawn… what's next?!

"Maybe Beckham can come out of retirement to bend a free kick over Donald Trump's wall".

Okay, this made us chuckle but still… less politics, more soccer please!

"How is this fair? Three teams will automatically qualify… how will this work?"

Unsurprisingly, this came from a Scotsman… who despite there being 48 teams in 2026, we still expect to lose in a play off.

If 1994 was seen as the birth of the US soccer journey, 2026 can be the chance for the US and Canada to show the world that they mean business in the soccer world. No one can put on a show like the US and in my opinion they are the perfect host for the biggest soccer party ever!

Let's just get through Qatar in 2022… and then bring it on!

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