MLS and David Beckham Confirm Miami Soccer Team


Move over Orlando City, there is a new MLS franchise in Florida and it's lead by none other than LA Galaxy legend, David Beckham.

Over 1,450 days have passed since the retired English midfielder signalled his intentions to bring soccer to Miami and his initial plans have been met with protests and criticism from locals.

The proposed site for a 25,000-seat stadium in Overtown, an extremely run down area of downtown Miami, caused anger among residents who would rather have affordable housing for those living on the breadline, as well as vital necessities such as a new grocery store.

Nevertheless, Beckham and his partners Jorge and Jose Mas, two local construction brothers have today announced that Miami will be the home of the 25th franchise in MLS.

In an announcement on January 29 2018, MLS Commissioner Don Garber was joined by David Beckham and his partners who took to the stage in Miami to unveil a brand new expansion side for Major League Soccer, the results from four tough years of work.

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Despite the fact that David and his partners had finally reached a point where they were able to announce their arrival in Major League Soccer, most of the details such as logos, jerseys, players and stadium plans remain under wraps. Leaving fans still unsure as to how the 25th side in MLS will look and line up. 

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Beckham said he had already had calls from high-profile players who were interested in joining his new club but he also emphasised he wanted to build on local talent. “Our pledge to our fans in Miami and around the world is simple: your team will always strive to make you proud on the pitch, our stadium will be a place that you cherish visiting, and our impact in the community and on south Florida’s youth will run deep,” Beckham said.

"I joined the Galaxy because I realised the long-term potential in this league," 

"I moved from Real Madrid to a league that wasn't fully established yet - that was a big move and one I knew was going to be a big challenge but an exciting challenge.

"Commissioner Garber came to me and sat down and explained the plan of this league and where he wanted to take it - I was in from day one"

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