Vanney and Schmetzer Exchange Quotes Ahead of Final


Toronto FC coach Greg Vanney says he wonders if Seattle Sounders will be ready for the intensity of an MLS Cup Final after their rather straight-forward path through to the final.

Sounders coach Brian Schemtzer insists Vanney's comments won't get under his skin and says the pressure will be on the reds. 
“I’m going to tell you two things on that, No. 1, Greg’s a good guy and he’s a very good coach. You could say the pressure is on them. There’s no pressure on us. They’re at home, they have the Supporters’ Shield. If he’s saying that to get his guys traction somehow, some way, that’s his business. Greg’s a good guy and a good coach. I got nothing against the quote.”

You could argue that Vanney has a valid point. Seattle weren't particularly matched on their route to the final and Toronto's record breaking side will certainly provide their biggest test of the season but Sounders are the current holders and they've proved they have what it takes when the big games come around.


Vanney's comments won't be required to fire up the Sounders starting 11 in the locker room according to the Seattle boss. "My team is ready to go,” Schmetzer said. “I don’t need to put that up on a board. Dempsey, Lodeiro, Ozzie, Jordan, Roman, Stef, all those guys are ready to compete. So that to me was a little bit of side salad there.”

The two sides will do battle for the cup on Saturday in a repeat of last year's showdown which was won by Sounders on spot kicks.

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